Strata 2 Tambour Door


Durable powdercoated steel cabinet and accessories, ABS tambour door slats with articulated curtain design that allows quick, easy accessibility while ensuring open doors do not impede on floor space in front of the cabinet. Choose from a wide range of accessories designed to meet any filing and storage requirement.

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Silver, White


670H x 900W x 460D, 670H x 1200W x 460D, 1000H x 900W x 460D, 1000H x 1200W x 460D, 1200H x 900W x 460D, 1200H x 1200W x 460D, 1650H x 900W x 460D, 1650H x 1200W x 460D, 1980H x 900W x 460D, 1980H x 1200W x 460D